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Resistech High Ball Glasses 16.5oz Bx/4 - Bohemia

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Product code: 4902206
Color: Clear
Material: Glass
Dimension/capacity: 16 1/2 oz
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Product Description

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The Resistech Wine Glasses Collection is the perfect upgrade to serve fine wine or to enhance your table setting! Beautifully designed and European-made, these glasses boast superior brilliance and transparency, which makes them a must for wine aficionados. Our Resistech technology is known for its mechanical cuts, ultra thin rims, and flame-polished molded legs and feet. Made of lead-free crystalline, these smart wine glasses come with a 25 year warranty against cloudiness due to washing. On top of everything, this comprehensive warranty covers any kind of chipping on the rim or the foot. Start enhancing your wine tasting experience with elegance and style!


    Brand: Bohemia
    Diameter: 3 1/4"
    Height: 6 1/4"