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Trudeau Adds New Silicone Products to Kitchenware Collection

Providing a multitude of benefits for the home chef, silicone kitchen tools have quickly become a staple in the kitchen. Leading housewares brand Trudeau incorporates this heat-resistant, flexible, colorful and convenient material into a wide variety of new kitchen gadgets.

Trudeau's famous measuring tool gets a makeover!

With the new Stainless Steel and Silicone Reversible 4-in-1 MeasuringSpoon, the silicone ends flip to the desired measurement - one tablespoon flips to a ½ tbsp, and one teaspoon flips to a ½ tsp.

Available in assorted blue, red or green and dishwasher safe.

SiliZen Spatulas US

Handsome wood handles compliment the heat-resistant silicone ends in these handy kitchen tools from Trudeau. Tools include:

All wood tools are recommended hand wash only.

Vegetable Steamer

A welcome update to cumbersome metal steamers, Trudeau's colorful 8" Silicone Vegetable Steamer won't scratch non-stick pans. Features a concave bowl shape to prevent foods from spilling out, and side handles that lock together for convenient pick up. Tripod feet raise the steamer to keep veggies from becoming overcooked.

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